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8 Red Flags To Search For When Looking At Someone's LinkedIn Profile

By Deep Patel

Tips for recruiters, to save you time.

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Be Mindful Of “The Gap”

Time taken off between careers needs to be evaluated according to the circumstances.

Beware Of The Job Hopper

Evaluate your candiates for long term committment.

Fake Profiles Run Rampant

Make cross checks, and examine details.

Liar Liar

Previous employers and timeline inconsistencies can expose lies.

Spell Check

Spelling mistakes are too trivial to ignore in today's workplace.

Not Enough Real World Experience

You can't reach enlightenment from a book, as the saying goes.

Picture Perfect

An appropriate photo gives such a tremendous advantage, that any picture quality flaws legitimate questions.

Not Considering How Their Profile Looks On Mobile

A messy profile could reveal that the candidate could have a tendency to ignore the obvious.