World changing ideas

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas awards honor concepts and products that are beneficial to society. Here is a selection of entries that won the awards in the 2017.

World changing ideas
World changing ideas

Main titles

Entries are judged according to impact, design, scalability and ingenuity.

  • General Excellence
    - Empatico, Kind Foundation
    Free video-conferencing and digital learning platform designed to build empathy between different people and different cultures.
  • Advertising
    - The Humanium Metal Initiative, Great Works
    The metal for melted guns will go to artists' work, and the proceeds will be given to organizations involved in eliminating violence.
  • Consumer Products
    - HelpUsGreen, Kanpur Flowercycling
    Collecting millions of tons of flowers left at temples and mosques, then turning the waste into products like incense sticks, soaps, and eco-packaging.
  • Developing World Technology
    - DigiFarm, Vodafone
    User friendly text based mobile agricultural platform. Contains information for farming and growing crops and also offers access to loans and discounts.
  • Energy
    - ET-One, Thor Trucks
    Short range heavy duty trucks that are all-electric. Carries 80,000 pounds of cargo, and travels 300 miles on a single charge.
  • Transportation
    - Alice Commuter, Eviation
    Small electric planes that will make routes on a small budget.
  • Urban Design
    - Los Angeles ADU Project, Los Angeles Innovation Team
    Making of “accessory dwelling units” (ADU's) or backyard homes, more accessible to tenants in high rent cities.